Acidity is one of the main components for the evaluation of olive oil. Based on this evaluation the brand commercial value can be established. For this main reason the new extra virgin olive oil SAINT GEORGE  zero 3 is delivered to our customers with lowest acidity. The Saint George 0.3 extra virgin olive oil has distinctive flavor, aroma and color , and is the product of the best groves Cyprus can offer.

Nutritional Information

  • Energy (per 100ml): 3389KJ/ 824KCAL
  • Fat (per 100ml): 91.6g
  • Of which saturates (per 100ml): 12.8g
  • Mono-unsaturates (per 100ml): 70.5g
  • Poly-unsaturates (per 100ml): 8.3g
  • Carbohydrates (per 100ml): <0.5g
  • Protein (per 100ml): <0.5g
  • Salt (per 100ml): <0.01g