The name, the history

Agios Georgios of Keryneia (Saint George of Keryneia).

A picturesque village, nowadays under the de facto Turkish occupation.  It lies between the seashore and the foot of Mount Pentadaktylos. Its history lays back in the Prehistoric Period. Fossils of dwarf hippos were found there and it was a fiefdom during the Frankish period.

The village, surrounded by fertile lands, because of the many wells (the ‘alakatia’), with olive trees stretching along with cereal crops, soon became a well-known olive production area and a prosperous community.

According to the local tradition, a holy icon of Saint George, one of the greatest and most beloved Saints of Christianity, was found amongst the sandy coves and the beautiful caves of the coast. A church was built nearby to honour the Saint, whose name (Georgios in Greek) derives from the words “γη + έργο”(earth + labor) which create the word agriculture. A legend or a matter of luck, which in any case depicts, the connection between the land and the activities of the inhabitants.

So there, in Agios Georgios village, Costas Mavroudes established the first factory of Company and Bottlers of Saint George Olive Oil, back in 1965, bottling at first only olive pomace oil. The name of the brand was taken obviously from the name of the village.

His main target was to promote olive oil as one of the most valuable treasures of Cyprus.  As a result of the Turkish invasion in 1974, the company lost all its assets. However, it managed to regroup and start from the beginning at a small factory, moving later to a bigger one in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus.

At the beginning of 2005 the company moved for the third time to its new premises at Ergates Industrial Area, just outside the capital of Nicosia, and it is now producing and bottling all categories of Olive oils such as “Extra Virgin Olive oil”,”Olive oil” and “Olive Pomace oil”, in many different packages, all under the brand name of “SAINT GEORGE”.

The new plant is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The selection of the highest quality of raw materials is an essential part of the whole process and the quality control is carried out by a group of scientists throughout the stages of production.

The company’s plant meets all the requirements and has been certified as EN ISO 22.000-2005. The modern technology applied in our plant, combined with the years of experience and the love for the valuable final product, the olive oil, has led “SAINT GEORGE” Olive Oil to the top of the Cyprus market.

The Company founder’s vision becomes reality: Every consumer to have access to tasty drops of a cherished and high esteemed treasure of Cyprus.

Our passion

Passion for the Land, the origin devoted to the primary ingredient.
Passion for the process of transformation made with dedication, care, innovation and knowledge.
Passion for the quality, assuring that in every step the best technology and resources are applied for constant product improvement.
Passion for sharing when we bring the final product to the consumer and finally fulfil our purpose.

What makes us unique is Our Passion for the Olive Oil.        

The excellence
of our quality

SAINT GEORGE brand is by far the no.1 leading company in the production of extra virgin olive oil in Cyprus and the leading brand preference for olive oil consumers.

Our main export markets are Greece, U.K., Germany, Belgium, Zambia, Australia, Saint Mauritius island, etc., where we also offer products in bulk. Our further increase in exports will contribute to the company’s primary objectives.

Supermarket buyers, large and organized distributors, as well as trading companies that have experience in this type of products, are more than welcome to contact us in order to discover our range of products. By doing that they will be able to take advantage of our vast knowledge on the olive oil export procedures, as we comply to all the international packaging standards and specifications, which enables us to follow through on high demands and deliveries.

Why choose Saint George Olive Oil?

  • Because being the leading brand preference for olive oil consumers, means that the final product is simply ambrosial.
  • Because we travel all around Cyprus seeking for the most fertile olive trees and we supervise the cultivation from their time of blossoming.
  • Because we visit the mills during the period of grinding of the olives.
  • Because the oil tasting by our connoisseurs emphasizes on our moto ‘aroma-taste-color’, so for all senses to be delighted.
  • Because before the olive oil is bottled under the Saint George brand, we carry out all the necessary controls, supervised by our expert scientists. Then, the selected varieties of olive oils are stored throughout the year under stable temperature, in a controlled environment, to ensure that their valuable ingredients will not deteriorate over time.
  • Because we bottle it in modern and fully equipped facilities, which provide an extra seal of guarantee.