Saint George’s quality Olive Oil products are mainly exported in Greece, U.K., Germany, Belgium, Zamvia, Australia, Saint Mourishous island e.t.c as result of making our exceptional quality of olive oil widely known.
We provide high quality products at the right price with maximum efficiency for our customers.

Products exported meet the following specifications:

  • Products are properly prepared in accordance with International packaging standards, standardisation, labelling
  • The capacity needed
  • The resources available
  • The commitment of management to deliver the goods on a global scale at a competitive price
  • IFS Certification for the most stringent standards in the field of food
  • Ability to operate on the basis of JIT (Just In Time Deliveries) for our strategic partnerships
  • Different product categories covering the need for both Premium products and for products where the priority is the price
  • Kosher Certification for the needs of the Jewish market

LINE 1: ZERO 2 (tins package)

LINE 2: ZERO 3 (tins package)

LINE 2: ZERO 3 (glass package)


LINE 4: CYPRUS EXTRA VIRGIN (tins package)

LINE 5: KORONEIKO (pet package)

GREEK EXTRA VIRGIN (pet package)

LINE 9: CLASSIC (pet package)

LINE 10: POMACE OLIVE OIL (pet package)