The Company and Bottlers of Saint George Olive Oil was established back in 1965 by its founder Costas Mavroudes. His main target was to promote olive oil as  one of the most valuable treasures of Cyprus. 

The first factory was established at "Saint George" village just outside the town of Keryneia, from where the name of the brand was taken from bottling at first, only "Olive Pomace Oil". 

As a result of the Turkish invasion in 1974, the company lost all its Assets. However, it managed to regroup and started from the beginning at a small factory, then moved to a bigger plant in Nicosia, the Capital of Cyprus . 

At the beginning of 2005 the company moved for the third time to its new premises at Ergates Industrial Area just outside the Capital of Nicosia, and it is now producing and bottling all categories of Olive oils such as "Extra Virgin Olive oil","Olive oil", "Olive Pomace oil" in many different packages all under the name of "SAINT GEORGE". 

The new plant is equipped with all modern equipment. The selection of the highest quality of raw materials is an essential stage of the whole process. Quality control is carried out by a group of scientists throughout the stages of production. 

The company's plant is certified and fulfills all the requirements for the EN ISO 22.000-2005 approval. 

The company's main objective is the production of high quality olive oil. As a result "SAINT GEORGE" Olive Oil is the leading name in the Cyprus market.


    12 Thessaronikis str.
          Ergates Industrial Area
          2643, Nicosia, Cyprus
    +357 22 623054